Hidden Danger: All Politics is Local

Had some setbacks and breakthroughs today but everything got done!


  • #100DaysOfCode – I was getting very frustrated at my lack of progress and quite frankly the icky look of my Profile Page. I wasn’t really feeling like coding tonight and almost didn’t. But I decided to go back to the udemy web developer course I’ve been using and found out that if I’d just gotten a little farther I’d have saved myself a lot of headache. I mean, I started the dang course because I got frustrated to begin with. Why I decided to go back to doing it on my own again I have no idea!! I was coding along with the Bootstrap lesson so, per my parameters, I’m counting this day as a success. Log here.
  • #100DaysOfWalking – Walked JD for 24:50. Link here.
  • #100DaysOfSpanish – Practiced on Insane level for 50 XP.  I got 40xp in at lunch and then forgot to do the final 10xp before midnight which means Duolingo didn’t count it as a completed day – stupid app. I finished the 10xp nonetheless and “bought” my streak back. I also turned on the reminder for the app so I won’t do this again! Link here.
  • #100DaysofWho – Sensorites: Hidden Danger!! Review below.
  • #100DaysOfBlogging – Finding this pretty cathartic.

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Distractions and Corridors + More Barbara Love

#100DaysOfCrazy – Day 004

  • #100DaysOfCode – Continued to work on the Portfolio Page.  I didn’t have my usual Ranger game to watch so I put on America’s Got Talent and that was a mistake. Very distracted coding today.  But I figured out (sorta) how to separate the sections of my page so that was cool.  Log here.
  • #100DaysOfWalking – Walked JD for 20:55.  I’m quite a terrible judge of time and distance. I thought I was taking a long way around my block and it ended up only taking 16.5 minutes!  I wanted to stop once the circuit was complete but made myself finish out the 20 minutes.  Link here.
  • #100DaysOfSpanish – Practiced on Insane level for 50 XP.  I had some very amused Spanish speaking co-workers hear me practice today in the break room!  Link here.
  • #100DaysofWho – The Sensorites: The Unwilling Warriors – review below.
  • #100DaysOfBlogging – Done!

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Day 003 – Navigating All The Things

Very short update tonight due to Pub Quiz. I didn’t get home till almost 23:00 so no Doctor Who.  When that happens, I plan to make up the episodes in a chunk as opposed to adding a day like I would with the other challenges.  It’s a reward anyways!


  • #100DaysOfCode – Continued to work on the Portfolio Page.  I learned how to build a horizontal navigation bar!! Super cool!  Log here.
  • #100DaysOfWalking – Walked JD for 20:08.  I was really not feeling the walk today and it was so humid and gross.  But it got done! Link here.
  • #100DaysOfSpanish – Practiced on Insane level for 50 XP.  I like doing this at lunch to save me from something at the end of the day – even if I did have to work around another co-worker in the break room today.  Link here.
  • #100DaysofWho – No Who – Sensorites Part 2 tomorrow.
  • #100DaysOfBlogging – Done! I’m liking this format so I’ll probably keep at it unless something else catches my fancy.
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Sensorites Part 1: #100DaysOfCrazy

All goals for Day 2 are done!  I haven’t decided how I’m going to format these so bear with me as I work it out over the next few days.


  • #100DaysOfCode – Began building my Profile Page for freeCodeCamp.  Worked for an hour and 10 minutes.  Log here.
  • #100DaysOfWalking – Walked JD for 22:07. Link here.
  • #100DaysOfSpanish – Practiced on Insane level for 50 XP.  I didn’t share today but will start tomorrow.
  • #100DaysofWho – Sensorites Part 1!! Review below.
  • #100DaysOfBlogging – Two blog posts today! I’ll be keeping it to one a day for the most part.

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I’m back! Or 100 Days of What Did I Get Myself Into?


It’s been over two years since I abandoned this project and there have been lots of changes since then.  I’ve moved, again, and got rid of The Tin Man for a very respectable $50 – it was sad but hey money!  Since moving about a year ago I’ve only been walking JD sporadically, have hardly watched any classic Who, and while not in significantly worse shape than I was, it still ain’t great.

So I’m making some changes and challenging myself.  I’ve decided on three challenges and a rewtardis-2311634_960_720ard!  It all started when I heard about the #100DaysOfCode Challenge where you code for an hour a day for 100 days.  I’ve been learning code, off and on, and really like the idea of sticking with it for a significant length of time.  I’m also challenging my self to walk JD for 20 minutes every day for #100DaysOfWalking,  and to practice my Spanish via Duolingo (app) at the highest challenge level for #100DaysOfSpanish.  My reward will be a Doctor Who episode every day! Of course I’ll have to share my progress and review the Who episode so it will also be #100DaysOfBlogging!!

I started yesterday but only decided on my reward today so I’m going to be a bit behind on my #100DaysOfWho but I’ll find a day to squeeze in two episodes! It all sounds very business-1839876_960_720ambitious, and I feel certain I’ll stumble along the way, but I’m determined to see it through to the end.  Yesterday the coding part was rough since I really don’t understand the platform the challenge uses – GitHub – but I muddled through and made it work.  I’m totally energized and have already practiced my Spanish at lunch today!  Details on the various challenges below and thanks in advance for your support!


  • #100DaysOfCode – Code 1 hour every day – see more here.  And you can read my log, see projects, etc. here.
  • #100DaysOfWalking – Walk JD for at least 20 minutes every day using Map My Walk app to track and keep me honest.  I will link to the Facebook/Twitter post.
  • #100DaysOfSpanish – Practice Spanish on the hardest setting (50 points) every day.  I will be sharing my progress via Facebook/Twitter and will link in the blog.
  • #100DaysofWho – after the above three are accomplished watch my Doctor Who eposide!!  I’ll be writing short recaps/reviews in my daily blog.
  • #100DaysOfBlogging – Wrap everything up at the end of every day – even if I don’t have fancy pictures all the time!


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The Aztecs: Warriors of Death and Duplicity

Wow did I not want to exercise this morning! I slept badly and everything hurt this morning.  But I kicked myself out of bed, walked the dog and watched Warriors of Death!!  I exercised for the whole 24 minutes and felt really good afterwards.  Not much else to report so on to the review…

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The Aztecs: Temple of Stupidity

I’m back!!  I’ve finally got most of the excuses/barriers out of the way and I’m determined to get this thing back on track.  This month looks to be extremely busy between friends here in Austin and family in Dallas but my goal is at least three days of exercise every week for December.  Today’s workout was kind of easy as my lower body was protesting quite vehemently and I had to stop to fix The Tin Man briefly.  All in all, I spent 20 out of the 24 minutes actually exercising this morning so go me!  The workouts are going to be fairly light for the Aztecs as I get used to the elliptical again and then I’ll start stepping it up for The Sensorites.

On a personal note, I want to thank all my friends and family for their continued support as I struggled to get going again.  I’m excited to be exercising and watching Doctor Who again because of all of you!

On to the review…

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