Fandom and Fitness

This blog is the result of an evil thought worm that entered my brain and wouldn’t leave.  I’m a huge Doctor Who fan and while I’ve watched all of Doctor Who since 2005, I’ve only seen 30 or so classic stories.  I’ve always wanted to watch Doctor Who from 1963 on but what an enormous undertaking…much like my goal to get in to shape.

Thus we have the idea that just wouldn’t leave my brain.  I have an elliptical I use as a coat rack and I have access to almost all of Doctor Who.  Why not combine the two?  While I watch each episode/part of the show I will work out on my elliptical and then blog about it.  The classic stories all have short parts at 21-24 minutes and if I only watch one a night, 4-5 nights a week, that’s an achievable goal.  I may eventually get to the point where I can watch two in one night but that’s a ways off.

I’ve decided that I will only be watching full episodes of the classic series so none with missing episodes unless they’re animated.  I also won’t be skipping any episodes that I’ve already seen so that means I will have to exercise through Inferno, Castrovalva, The Twin Dilemma, Love and Monsters, and Curse of the Black Spot.  It should be interesting.

I have a lovely, stupid mutt, JD, that I walk every day so the plan is to walk for 20-30 minutes after work and then hop on the elliptical for a more intense workout.  I’m nervous and excited because, while I’m not a huge fan of exercise, I get to watch “new” Doctor Who and revisit so many stories that I love.

My totally brilliant sister came up with the website name and helped me decide on the tagline.  She’s really quite fantastic!


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