Lost Threads and Planned Pauses

Doctor Who tonight! Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m going out so I’m hitting pause on my crazy and celebrating. I’ll be back on Friday to resume the insanity!


  • #100DaysOfCode – Finished the bootstrap code alongs and briefly went back to the portfolio page. I’m excited to really get in to it again on Friday. Log here.
  • #100DaysOfWalking – Walked JD for 22.46 and .91 miles. Link here.
  • #100DaysOfSpanish – Practiced on Insane level for 50 XP.  I learned today not to practice Spanish while watching the Rangers fall apart! Link here.
  • #100DaysofWho – Last episode of The Sensorites! A Desperate Venture.
  • #100DaysOfBlogging – Done!

I did enjoy this episode more than the previous two but it was pretty weird. A short sighted, short lived kidnapping, crazy men running through tunnels, and a rather abrupt ending. There was some good misdirection as I thought the city administrator was behind the plot to poison the Sensorites. But I really disliked how incomplete his story remained. Did he just want power for power’s sake, was he just a human hating bigot? Why go to all the trouble to set up these elaborate schemes? The writer made this story completely superfluous after spending three episodes on it! If you’d taken out that whole subplot and just made the story about the poisoned water and monsters in the aqueducts I think it would have been a much tighter story.

Barbara was back – hooray! And she and Susan came up with a way to find the Doctor and Ian while maintaining communication.  Cause they’re smart women who don’t run off willy-nilly thinking they can solve the mystery on their own. Susan’s reminiscences of Gallifrey made me so fangirly happy and I liked that the elder saw her as someone looking for adventure even as she missed her home. She and the Doctor had a very poignant moment on the TARDIS before the Doctor turned all curmudgeonly at Ian.  So a weird, abrupt ending and I’m firmly convinced The Sensorites should have been 4 episodes with a lot of padding excised. Despite the strong beginning I don’t think I’ll be returning to this one any time soon.

One Last Note: I’ve seen the next three stories, Planet of Giants, Dalek Invasion of Earth, and The Rescue. Planet is three episodes and Rescue is only two so I may just review those as a whole instead of in parts. Dalek Invasion is six episodes so we’ll see on that one.  I’ll be back Friday!


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I am a Texan from a large, crazy, completely awesome family. I am an obsessed, unashamed fangirl for everything from Doctor Who to Marvel to Sherlock. I love reading anything and everything, baseball and playing trivia/board games.
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