Plots Within Plots Within Bad Writing

Slightly better time management today so I get to watch Doctor Who! If only I didn’t love baseball so much…


  • #100DaysOfCode – Continued to code along with my bootstrap lessons. I’m learning so much and it’s all very cool. I’m going to finish the current code along and then go back to my profile page. Log here. (Not updated – I’m bad at keeping up on all the things!)
  • #100DaysOfWalking – Walked JD for 22.42 and .90 miles. Link here.
  • #100DaysOfSpanish – Practiced on Insane level for 50 XP.  I forgot to do it at lunch and I waited almost too long but it got done! Link here.
  • #100DaysofWho – Sensorites Part 4 & 5: A Race to Death and Kidnap! Review below.
  • #100DaysOfBlogging – Done!

I’m thinking this series could have been four episodes instead of six. It’s turned in to a complicated plot that took way too long to establish. The city administrator has kidnapped the 2nd elder’s family and taken his sash. He’s plotting to kill all the humans and knows something of the other mystery. The Doctor’s discovered a plot to poison the Sensorites through their water and there’s monsters in those waters. John, the brain wiped crew member, seems to have some kind of insight but it’s taken forever to get him to the point where people understand him. It’s all very tortured.

I found myself annoyed throughout these two episodes – there was a lot of padding, repeating of plot points, and no Barabra. I really didn’t like them sidelining Barbara for three episodes! I’m sure it had to do with budget but totally not ok. Also, jerky menfolk were jerks. Let’s sneak out and leave Susan behind because the adventure is too dangerous and she can’t be allowed to come. Jerks. And we end episode 5 with a damsel in distress as the only female crew member is kidnapped! Ugh!

I don’t know why I soured so much on this series. I was enjoying it up through episode 3. It just seems so stretched out right now and needlessly tedious. I also find the whole John loses his mind just so he can reveal the city administrator’s treachery completely superfluous. Hopefully episode 6 will bring me back around.

One Last Note: I feel the writing has been very inconsistent. Susan started out with a really meaty role but then was reduced to bathing Ian’s head as he lay dying. She then gets left behind for her “safety.” I’m thinking the writer just didn’t know what to do with her as the Doctor got to be all sciencey and adventuresome. Surely Susan could have been helping with the experiments? Also, some of the lines given to the bad guy are real mustached twirling lines and he treats his audience like their idiots and can’t remember what’s going on from one scene to the next. Maybe that’s why I’m disliking these?


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