One Week of Craziness

It was a weird day today, family get together this morning and then I didn’t feel well and ended up sleeping for 5 hours.  No Doctor Who tonight since it’s way too late so I’m two episodes behind – luckily these are only 25 min ones.  I got a late start so I combined my coding and Spanish practice and then took a late walk.  It’s been an interesting week and I almost skipped today entirely but I’m glad I didn’t.


  • #100DaysOfCode – Turns out the problem was a link to Bootstrap in Code Pen and all my actual code was completely fine. I now have a crude but functional navigation bar using Bootstrap! Log here.
  • #100DaysOfWalking – Walked JD for 25:05 and 1.04 miles! Link here.
  • #100DaysOfSpanish – Practiced on Insane level for 50 XP.  Used the Spanish practice as a break from coding.  I wouldn’t want to do it every day, but it worked out well tonight when I needed to reset my brain. Link here.
  • #100DaysofWho – Tomorrow Sensorites Part 4. Maybe Part 5 if I give myself enough time.
  • #100DaysOfBlogging – Sometimes even just one post a day can seem daunting. I’m hoping it gets easier – though it’s still not as hard as gearing myself up to code!

About LauraDinTX

I am a Texan from a large, crazy, completely awesome family. I am an obsessed, unashamed fangirl for everything from Doctor Who to Marvel to Sherlock. I love reading anything and everything, baseball and playing trivia/board games.
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