Hidden Danger: All Politics is Local

Had some setbacks and breakthroughs today but everything got done!


  • #100DaysOfCode – I was getting very frustrated at my lack of progress and quite frankly the icky look of my Profile Page. I wasn’t really feeling like coding tonight and almost didn’t. But I decided to go back to the udemy web developer course I’ve been using and found out that if I’d just gotten a little farther I’d have saved myself a lot of headache. I mean, I started the dang course because I got frustrated to begin with. Why I decided to go back to doing it on my own again I have no idea!! I was coding along with the Bootstrap lesson so, per my parameters, I’m counting this day as a success. Log here.
  • #100DaysOfWalking – Walked JD for 24:50. Link here.
  • #100DaysOfSpanish – Practiced on Insane level for 50 XP.  I got 40xp in at lunch and then forgot to do the final 10xp before midnight which means Duolingo didn’t count it as a completed day – stupid app. I finished the 10xp nonetheless and “bought” my streak back. I also turned on the reminder for the app so I won’t do this again! Link here.
  • #100DaysofWho – Sensorites: Hidden Danger!! Review below.
  • #100DaysOfBlogging – Finding this pretty cathartic.

I find myself projecting a lot of the current political situation in America on to this episode. Jesus H! What would Trump do with a disintegrator?? So we’ve got learned elders who promote reason and diplomacy in their interactions with the alien humans and then you have a jumped-up alarmist with a sycophantic lackey advocating, and even attempting, to kill the humans outright.  Trump The city administrator is using fear of “the other” to put forth his kill all the Muslims humans agenda: “They are Muslims Earth Creatures and dangerous to us!” I’m curious as to what was going on in the UK with immigration at this time?

I really liked the pacing of this episode – it moved quickly and didn’t seem to linger too long on any one scene. Susan gets some really great moments as she butts heads with The Doctor. He really is a curmudgeonly old man who thinks he knows best – not much has changed in 50+ years! I have no problem making a link from this Doctor to the current Doctor from last week’s episode who was so sure he could fix earth’s history and even make it better.  While he did have a point that Susan should not have made a unilateral decision about going with the Sensorites, he was very condescending to her. I thought Carole Ann Ford really showed Susan’s growth since the first story as she’s becoming her own woman. I even liked the tender moment after the Doctor lamented their arguing for the first time. Though I find that really hard to believe.

I’m interested to see where they’re going with the disease angle – obviously it’s the water; that couldn’t have been telegraphed any harder if Morse himself was writing this episode. And I’m glad Ian’s the damsel in distress, I always like when the men get taken out instead of the women. It makes for a nice change of pace.

One Last Note: I was right about them turning out the lights. They’ve managed space travel and telepathy but not making sure they’ve compensated for a rather large vulnerability…


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I am a Texan from a large, crazy, completely awesome family. I am an obsessed, unashamed fangirl for everything from Doctor Who to Marvel to Sherlock. I love reading anything and everything, baseball and playing trivia/board games.
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2 Responses to Hidden Danger: All Politics is Local

  1. Neowhovian says:

    Literally LOL’d at “couldn’t have been telegraphed any harder if Morse himself was writing this episode.” Well played!


  2. LauraDinTX says:

    Thanks! It’s awesome to make someone other than yourself laugh at something you write!


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